Outdoor Coverage and Capacity Solutions for the LTE Market

Our iRRHs are energy-efficient radio systems using leading-edge multi-core processors. They are designed
with a robust, convection-cooled (fanless), IP65 housing for use in all outdoor environments

Macro iRRH

The Altiostar macro iRRH radios are designed for use in any outdoor environment and can be mounted to cell towers, masts or even walls of buildings. These provide broad coverage to city, suburban and rural areas. These macro units provide many unique features such as dynamic receiver algorithm, accurate doppler estimation for high speed traffic and frequency selective scheduling. The hardware is designed to support all LTE advanced features.

Altiostar’s macro iRRH can be used with panel or sector antennas to provide high power, wide area (3GPP WA) coverage.

Micro iRRH

Altiostar’s micro, or so-called small cell iRRHs are designed for maximizing the network capacity in high user-density urban zones, as well as providing wireless connectivity for network coverage holes (Not-Spots) that are left after the macro planning has exhausted all available sites.

This product can be placed along the streets on poles, lampposts or on walls, as coverage solution or as capacity enhancement in a HetNet architecture.

Altiostar’s micro iRRHs are capable of providing medium range (3GPP MR) coverage, using either integrated omni-directional or directional antennas.