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Altiostar is changing the paradigm of deploying and managing mobile networks. Learn more…
Transformation of the mobile network to bring new economies to the market compared to traditional RAN. Learn more…
Agile delivery of features, virtualization, innovative edge features and automation for the mobile network. Learn more…

Why Altiostar

Software-Centric Network

Network operators need to be able to add intelligence, quickly adapt the software for different services and automate to rapidly scale the network with most efficient utilization of the hardware. Learn more about Altiostar software-intensive Open vRAN


An open architecture can help you realize faster innovation velocity by applying Moore’s Law to the RAN, agility to reduce time-to-service-monetization, flexibility to select best-of-breed components and drive down the cost.


Networks are taking on different characteristics depending on the user application: very high bandwidth for mobile broadband, large number of devices for massive IoT or ultra low latency for real-time applications, like virtual reality or gaming. Mobile network operators need to add intelligence, quickly adapt the software and automate to rapidly scale the network.

Altiostar CEO Congratulates Rakuten Mobile

Altiostar CEO Congratulates Rakuten on the launch of their mobile network

Altiostar Overview

Learn how Altiostar is transforming mobile telecommunications with its Open vRAN solution.

Altiostar talks about Open RAN at MWC LA

The GSMA talks to Executive VP, Strategy and Product Management, Thierry Maupile about the disruption that Altiostar is bringing in the Open RAN space.

Altiostar Talks with Light Reading

Altiostar talks with Light Reading about Open vRAN and its role in the Rakuten Mobile network at MWC 2019

Altiostar CEO Highlights Open RAN Innovation

Altiostar President and CEO Ashraf M. Dahod discusses radio access network innovation.