Altiostar, Amdocs & Wind River Collaborate on End-to-End vRAN Solution: New Services, New Customers, New Revenue

How to increase capacity, add new customers, and provide new sources of revenue? Extend the benefits of virtualization from the core network to the radio access network, or RAN. Virtualized RAN is the next step in the evolution of mobile networks. It promises to intelligently boost capacity, dramatically reduce costs and enhance customer experience. It will also provide the flexibility and scalability that will be necessary to support future services and applications. Wind River, Amdocs and Altiostar discuss the end-to-end solution they have built through collaboration.

Complete vRAN Solution
The complete vRAN solution that Altiostar, Amdocs and Wind River had worked on is in deed a step forward in mobile networks evolution, not only because of the technical expertise from these companies but also because they were capable of putting in practice the Open Networks and standards approach of virtualization. The challenge is now to roll this solution out in the CSPs networks in a massive way. Go for this challenge and congratullations!