Altiostar and Mavenir Encourage Open RAN Community Collaboration

The OpenRAN Radio announcement is one of many initiatives that both Altiostar and Mavenir are undertaking to encourage, foster and open the supply chain, working together both jointly as well as independently as innovators in the OpenRAN industry. These initiatives will create a robust ecosystem for both 4G and 5G and will cover all kinds of configurations for different 4G and 5G use cases, including small cells, macro cells and innovative solutions in the space of massive MIMO.

For examples of such initiatives we, refer to the announcements both companies have done with NEC specifically on massive MIMO.

This is one of many undertakings by the leaders in the open RAN space to encourage a more open supply chain by actually executing and implementing practical solutions to the challenges faced in the industry and rising above media hype. There is tremendous potential of open RAN where the R&D of many companies come together to drive innovation in technology.  We encourage members and organizations in the open RAN community to contribute with engineering resources and development in a similar fashion so that innovation can be achieved through a collective effort.  We are setting the stage for interworking with any vendor and looking to fill the gaps in the ecosystem where we see them.

About The Author
Jason King Director of Marketing