SEOUL, Korea — February 27, 2017 — Altiostar today announced that in cooperation with SK Telecom, the largest mobile operator in Korea, it has successfully completed a field trial of its vRAN technology in Bundang, Korea. During this field trial, performance and capacity improvement with key LTE-A features such as carrier aggregation, uplink CoMP were validated. The trial utilized SK Telecom’s existing transport network.

Altiostar’s field-proven vRAN solution is the virtualized RAN solution with flexible IP/Ethernet Fronthaul and provides all the benefits of C-RAN (Centralized RAN/Cloud RAN) without increased investments on transport infrastructure or frequency spectrum.

With Altiostar’s vRAN, service providers can maximize the potential of their spectrum and lower operational costs with a simplified network design through network-wide inter-site coordination capability for LTE-Advanced features. In addition, Altiostar’s vRAN also integrates Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) to improve the mobile subscriber’s Quality of Experience (QoE), reduce churn and enable new revenue streams via open API interface.

Altiostar’s vRAN implements an innovative functional split that allows baseband functions to run as virtual network functions (VNF) on COTS hardware at data centers, thereby bringing the benefits of cloud infrastructure such as resource pooling, auto-scaling, auto-recovery and seamless session migration to radio access networks.

Altiostar also announced successful collaboration with SK Telecom to provide Software Defined RAN (SDRAN) solution. The solution is based on SK Telecom’s SDRAN Remote Radio Unit (RRU), which was developed in collaboration with SK Telesys and Altiostar’s Open vRAN Development Platform. The SDRAN RRU is fully-managed from Altiostar Element Management System (EMS) and supports all of the basic and advanced LTE features such as inter-site carrier aggregation, Uplink CoMP (Coordinated Multipoint) and more.

This collaboration successfully establishes the feasibility of an “open” RAN model where the RAN hardware such as RRUs and COTS servers can be purchased by mobile network operators independent of baseband software. Representing a new business approach in the RAN market, this open procurement model provides operators’ tremendous flexibility in choosing best of breed hardware platforms for their RAN while reducing costs significantly.

Altiostar’s Open vRAN Development Platform includes all of the RAN software, virtual baseband unit (vBBU) and drivers needed for any RAN equipment manufacturer to integrate their RRUs with an established vRAN solution in a short period of time. Also, with this approach, mobile operators can deploy vRAN on their existing infrastructure, making use of their existing, deployed RRUs, thereby reducing development time, risk and cost.

“This collaboration with Altiostar and SK Telesys establishes feasibility of SDRAN, a concept pioneered by SKT to bring about innovation & increased competition in RAN eco-system and help operators efficiently manage network resources and deliver more services to customers while reducing costs”, said Jin-hyo Park, SVP, Head of Network Technology R&D center, SK Telecom.

Myoung Hoon Kang, Vice President, Head of R&D Division, SK Telesys said, “SDRAN architecture opens up the RAN eco-system and provides opportunity to specialist radio companies like SK Telesys to provide innovative RRUs to the operators in cost effective manner.”

“With Altiostar vRAN, mobile operators can unleash the full potential of their existing spectrum and cell sites, ready their network for 5G and receive a significant return on investment when compared to traditional C-RAN technologies,” said Ashraf Dahod, president and chief executive officer, Altiostar. “We are pleased to collaborate with SK Telecom and provide them with our vRAN technology in order that we can customize a solution to meet the capacity and data consumption needs of the Korean telecommunications market.”

About SK Telecom
Established in 1984, SK Telecom is the largest mobile operator in Korea by both revenue and number of subscribers. As of December 2016, the company holds around 50 percent of the market, with 29.60 million mobile subscribers including 21.1 million LTE subscribers. It has reached KRW 17.092 trillion in revenue in 2016.

SK Telecom has led the advancement of mobile technologies ranging from 2G to 4G, and is currently setting important milestones in its journey to 5G. The company is not only leading innovation in the field of mobile network, but also providing IoT, media, home and platform services.

SK Telecom is determined to play a significant role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by achieving innovations and promoting shared growth with other players in the industry. For more information, please visit or contact

About SK Telesys
SK Telesys is a leading provider of 4G LTE Repeaters, CPE (including Giga Wi-Fi and AP), Transmission Equipment and LTE Equipment. It was the first company in the world to develop Gigabit Wi-Fi and commercialize the home Femto Cell. SK Telesys is focused on developing a wide variety of Technologies, including the next-generation 5G at its R&D Center in Pangyo Techno Valley, South Korea.

About Altiostar
Altiostar is the pioneer in virtualized RAN (vRAN) with Ethernet fronthaul. Its unique eNodeB solution is designed to improve quality of experience of the mobile network, enhance spectral efficiency and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Altiostar has developed a wide portfolio of eNodeB solutions for all the major LTE frequencies and for all deployment scenarios. The vRAN solution is the foundation for evolution towards 5G. It provides elastic scalability, low-risk innovation, with a common NFV+SDN enabled platform. This provides significant cost savings, using commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and LTE-Advanced feature capability, based on C-RAN architecture. vRAN offers the most efficient platform to make Mobile Edge Computing a reality and provides a foundation for 5G. or follow us on Twitter @altiostar.