Altiostar and Texas Instruments Collaborate to Bring the Most Advanced LTE eNodeB Solution to the Market

TEWKSBURY, MA–(March 02, 2015) – Altiostar and Texas Instruments (TI) have announced their collaboration on an LTE C-RAN solution. Altiostar has developed this innovative, carrier-grade solution using TI’s KeyStone System-on-Chip (SoC) technology that is capable of delivering industry leading performance and capacity. Altiostar’s solution addresses the full spectrum of eNodeBs for all deployment scenarios, from macro cellular base stations to pico base stations. This C-RAN solution works over Ethernet fronthaul and it does not require dark fiber in the last mile, which conventional C-RANs require to carry CPRI. Since the day of it’s founding, Altiostar’s engineers have been working on pushing the envelope for LTE eNodeB performance with advanced algorithms that are not available in today’s market. Altiostar uses leading edge Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and SoCs manufactured by TI to achieve superior performance and capacity. The collaboration between the companies has produced a series of LTE eNodeB products that are capable of achieving the highest spectral efficiency with unique algorithms and LTE-Advanced features.

“The level of innovation that we are bringing to the LTE RAN market with our C-RAN solution is unprecedented. Not only does our solution bring cost-effective C-RAN deployment with Ethernet Fronthaul and Carrier Grade Availability with NFV, but also it brings a software-intensive, best-in-class LTE base station. TI’s technology and support provided our engineers with a robust platform from which we have designed an eNodeB solution that is unique and game-changing,” said Ashraf M. Dahod, President and CEO of Altiostar.

Altiostar’s C-RAN eNodeB brings innovation in every LTE layer:
LTE PHY: The most advanced receiver algorithm to enhance cell edge throughput. The algorithm is also adaptive to handle dynamic noise and interference-limited scenarios. The most advanced Doppler estimation algorithm provides excellent channel estimation for high-speed users in a macro cellular environment.

LTE MAC/Scheduler: Altiostar’s engineers have developed a unique high-capacity distributed scheduler that can apply multiple algorithms to a given session on a dynamic basis. The DPI enabled application-aware scheduler manages every radio frame intelligently to maximize radio resource utilization. The unique architecture allows Altiostar’s eNodeB to achieve better performance with low overheard for fast-rate adaptation. It also provides innovative uplink power control to reduce interference and increase UE battery life.

LTE Control Plane: The high capacity and scalable control layer (L3) provides a foundation for various eNodeB configurations, from macro to pico deployment scenarios.

“We are excited that Altiostar has released their differentiated C-RAN and eNodeB solutions based on TI’s KeyStone SoCs. Altiostar’s innovative products are addressing operator’s needs for scalable, high-performance and low-power consuming Macro and Small Cell base stations,” said Sameer Wasson, General Manager, communications processors, TI.

This technology is on demonstration at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Altiostar’s Executive Meeting Room, Hall 8.1, Room CC8.7.

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