Altiostar is Recognized by Intel as 2021 US Partner of the Year for its 5G Innovation and Commitment to Ecosystem

Building a healthy Open RAN ecosystem is very important to us here at Altiostar, which is why we’re especially proud to be named by Intel as one of its US Partners of the Year for 2021.

The company made this announcement at its Intel Partner Connect 2021 virtual conference in April, naming 30 companies as US partners of the year in seven different categories. Altiostar was included in the Emerging Technology Partners category for Wireless 5G Growth.

According to the Intel announcement, Altiostar earned the award “For supporting innovative new technology that increases network efficiency with Intel’s broad set of offerings, allowing for next-generation virtualized radio access network.”

The innovation around the Altiostar Open vRAN software solution, in combination with Intel technology, allows for operator deployments, such as those by Rakuten Mobile and Telefónica, to meet density and latency requirements and achieve ​massive ​scale. In addition, given the software-based nature of the solution, operators can benefit from automation capabilities to greatly speed site deployment, as well as deploy new features as fast as they can develop them.

This is an important relationship for Altiostar because all of our innovation in developing open, virtualized and disaggregated Open vRAN software depends on a hardware foundation that is equally open, equally  high performance and also has features and accelerators designed for Open vRAN requirements.

In addition to performance, the use of Intel CPUs means that commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers can be used in the network reducing the operating and capital expenses and eliminating vendor lock-in.

As a champion of an open ecosystem, it’s nice to be acknowledged as a good partner, but the real reward comes when we see MNOs launch their high performance 4G/5G networks using Open vRAN solution and knowing that it was partnerships that made it all happen.

About The Author
Jason King Director of Marketing