Altiostar Recognized in Light Reading Award Programs

As one of the pioneers of the Open RAN movement that is enabling next-generation 5G services, the Altiostar team knew we were at the beginning of a revolution that would change how wireless networks were built.

Certainly, Altiostar is well known for its work on the Rakuten Mobile network in Japan (one factor that led Rakuten to acquire Altiostar in August), but in the last 12 months, the company has been innovating its technology and growing its customer base of both greenfield and brownfield operators.

In early September we received recognition of this industry leadership and momentum from Light Reading, which recognized several of our executives as industry leaders and added our award nominations to the shortlist in three categories for its Leading Lights Awards.

Executives Named to 5G Top 50

The editors of the publication named Rakuten CTO Tariq Amin as the most influential executive in the 5G industry and named Altiostar CEO and Chairman Ashraf Dahod to the list of the top 50 key executives in 5G. These lists were compiled by Light Reading editors and industry analysts from Omdia and Heavy Reading.

The two executives worked very closely on the deployment of Altiostar software in the Rakuten network, which remains the largest Open RAN rollout in the world and a key proof point that the architecture can deliver reliably high performance in dense urban environments.

Nominated In Three Light Reading Award Categories

In addition to recognizing these executives, three Altiostar entries have been shortlisted on Light Reading’s Leading Lights awards. This award program has been recognizing companies and executives for outstanding achievements in next-generation communications technology, applications, services, strategies, and innovation for 17 years. This year’s competition has 24 categories and drew hundreds of entries.

Altiostar is under consideration for the Company of the Year award for private companies. This is awarded to “the privately held firm that stands out from its competitors, innovates constantly, makes investors proud and makes employees happy.” Our entry for this award noted:

“In the past 12 months, Altiostar has continued to grow its customer base with trials and deployments. The company has deployments on all continents and can manage these through its system integration and hardware partners across the globe. With its experience working with Rakuten, the company has established its expertise with greenfield MNO networks, but the last 12 months have shown the success of deploying Open RAN into brownfield MNO networks”

Altiostar is also in contention for the Best Open RAN Product award, which is presented to the “vendor that has launched the most innovative open RAN product during the past year.” The Altiostar entry focused on our first-of-a-kind containerized 5G software. As we wrote in our entry:

“This represents a new philosophy of RAN deployments, and networks will now have just-in-time baseband capacity where processing, memory, and power consumption will be reduced to support the average workload instead of being pre-provisioned these resources for peak traffic.”

Not satisfied just to win for a new product, we also submitted a network use case, teaming up with Rakuten and ecosystem partner Red Hat. The three companies jointly nominated a containerized 5G network buildout to the category of Outstanding Use Case: Service Provider AI/Automation, which is awarded to the company that is using automation and/or artificial intelligence in an innovative way to improve network performance, customer service or business operations. In our award entry, we commented:

“Altiostar 5G Open vRAN software with Red Hat OpenShift represent a new approach to RAN deployments, as this cloud-native architecture allows Rakuten Mobile just-in-time baseband capacity, where processing, memory, and power consumption will dynamically scale up or down to match demand, instead of being pre-provisioned for peak traffic. The solution simplifies ongoing maintenance and allows Rakuten Mobile to manage and maintain its infrastructure with a significantly smaller team than other mobile network operators. The operator publicly disclosed an overall CAPEX reduction of around 40% with ongoing OPEX dropping by 30% compared to traditional RAN deployments.”

With the final Leading Lights judging taking place at MWC LA in October, we appreciate Light Reading for recognizing Altiostar’s role in the quickly growing Open RAN movement.

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