Altiostar Showcases Its NFV C-RAN at One Networking Summit

Altiostar teamed up with Hewlett Packard to demonstrate a LTE NFV C-RAN solution at the Open Networking Summit last week at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The demonstration system utilized SDN technology from HP’s recent acquisition of Contextream to provide a complete LTE access system with a connection to the public internet. The end-to-end solution consisted of Altiostar’s iRRH2236 remote radio unit together with its virtualized BBU (vBBU) function which was co-resident with Contextream’s virtual EPC running on a collection of 4 computers. The iRRH2236 uses an Ethernet fronthaul link to connect the remotely deployed radio unit to the vBBU which typically resides in a central office.

The iRRH2236 radio unit was connected to three commercial LTE UEs and provided simultaneous HD video streams to 3 HP tablet devices continuously throughout the show. This demonstration is the first of its kind employing a fully virtualized LTE network together with an eNodeB using Ethernet fronthaul and virtualized baseband functionality.