Altiostar’s Nagendra Bykampadi is Elected as O-RAN ALLIANCE Security Focus Group Co-Chair

TEWKSBURY, MA — July 15, 2021– Altiostar announced that Nagendra Bykampadi, Director of Product Management and Security Standards, has been elected as the new co-chair for the O-RAN ALLIANCE Security Focus Group (SFG).

O-RAN ALLIANCE focus groups offer a global perspective of an over-arching technical topic, providing technology guidance and priorities that drive the work of the more specific Technical Groups. The O-RAN ALLIANCE Security Focus Group focuses on security aspects of the Open RAN ecosystem. It works to tackle security challenges on all Open RAN components by using threat modeling and risk analysis techniques to specify security solutions.

Nagendra Bykampadi has more than 24 years of experience in the wireless industry. In his current role, he is the product manager for Altiostar’s product security portfolio. He is actively engaged with operators on all matters related to Open RAN security. He has also been involved in 3GPP SA3 security standardization since 2014 and has been an active contributor to O-RAN Security Focus Group (SFG) standardization activities. He is a main author of the industry’s most comprehensive look at Open RAN security in a white paper which was a multi-vendor collaboration entitled “Security in Open RAN.” He also recently presented as part of the Open RAN Policy Coalition panel, “Open RAN Security in 5G,” alongside other industry experts on July 13.

“Drawing on the best practices of the cloud computing industry, Open RAN has a robust security feature set, and I look forward to continuing to strengthen the ORAN security architecture for the future,” said Nagendra Bykampadi, Director of Product Management and Security Standards, Altiostar. “I plan to bring my years of wireless security experience to this role, and look forward to working with my peers in the focus group to continue to be a voice in the industry for this important topic.”

More information on the O-RAN ALLIANCE and its Security Focus Group is available here:

You can read more about Nagendra’s views on the security market in a blog published to the Altiostar site:

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