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5 Strategies to Make 2021 the Year that Open vRAN is Widely Deployed in Brownfield Networks
Image February 17, 2021 blogs Sridhar Bhaskaran

For all of its societal and pandemic challenges, 2020 will also go down as the year when Open vRAN took off as the foundation for next-generation 4G/5G…
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2020 was a Great Year for Open RAN and 2021 Will be Better Because of these 5 Open RAN Trends
Image February 8, 2021 blogs Shabbir Bagasrawala

It seems that nobody wants the new year to be a repeat of 2020. That’s also true among Open RAN providers – even though 2020 was a…
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After a Year of Joint Open RAN Advancements, Altiostar Named to 2020 Intel Network Builders Winners’ Circle
Image November 23, 2020 blogs Jim Doucet

Altiostar and Intel are committed to the success of Open vRAN and its ability to transform mobile networks. One way in which an Open vRAN drives down…
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Rakuten Mobile and its Network Experience
Image November 4, 2020 blogs Jason King

At its Q2 2020 Earnings virtual event, Rakuten Mobile took an opportunity to share the performance results of its four-month-old Altiostar-based Open RAN 4G network. One of…
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Altiostar firmly establishes Open vRAN leadership with the launch of Rakuten’s 5G Cloud-Native Network
Image October 9, 2020 blogs Ashraf Dahod

We want to congratulate Rakuten Mobile on the launch of their 5G network in Japan powered by Altiostar’s Open Virtualized Radio Access Network (Open vRAN) software. Supporting…
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How Altiostar is Working with Intel for High Performance Open vRAN 5G Networks
Image October 1, 2020 blogs Jason King

One of the great benefits of Open vRAN is the ecosystem of vendors where each player brings new innovation to the solution. As a pioneer in Open…
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Open vRAN bridges small cells to macro cell-based 4G/5G networks
Image September 15, 2020 blogs Anil Bhandari

Numerous studies suggest that the bulk of Internet data consumption — up to 80% — takes place indoors. While Wi-Fi serves this demand for laptops, mobile devices in the…
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Altiostar Takes Home 5G Innovation Awards From Leading Light Awards
Image August 24, 2020 blogs Jason King

Thanks to the COVID-19, there was no swanky ballroom party nor grip-and-grin photos for this year’s Light Reading Leading Lights awards, which were also delayed a few…
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Altiostar CEO Named a Top 100 Influencer in 5G
Image August 12, 2020 blogs Jason King

Light Reading recently unveiled The 5G 100 list of the most influential individuals charting the course of 5G products, technologies and services.  We are honored to have…
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Altiostar and Mavenir Encourage Open RAN Community Collaboration
Image June 15, 2020 blogs Jason King

The OpenRAN Radio announcement is one of many initiatives that both Altiostar and Mavenir are undertaking to encourage, foster and open the supply chain, working together both…
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