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Altiostar Recognized in Light Reading Award Programs
Image September 7, 2021 blogs Dipthi Venkatesh

As one of the pioneers of the Open RAN movement that is enabling next-generation 5G services, the Altiostar team knew we were at the beginning of a…
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Open RAN Policy Coalition Releases Brief on Energy Efficiency and Open RAN
Image August 25, 2021 blogs Jason King

A major part of energy consumption in mobile networks stems from the RAN. Open RAN is designed to deliver better energy efficiency than legacy RAN systems through…
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How the Past 18 months Established Open vRAN as the Framework for 4G & 5G Networks
Image July 27, 2021 blogs Dipthi Venkatesh

This past year and a half was an important time for Open vRAN development, with new technology and new deployments signaling to the entire industry that Open…
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Interview with Nagendra Bykampadi, New O-RAN ALLIANCE Security Focus Group Co-Chair
Image July 22, 2021 blogs Jason King

Altiostar Director of Product Management and Security Standards Nagendra Bykampadi was recently voted the new co-chair of the O-RAN ALLIANCE Security Focus Group (SFG). Nagendra brings more…
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Altiostar Teams with Industry’s Most Innovative Companies For a Look Into The Future of Open RAN at MWC
Image June 24, 2021 blogs Dipthi Venkatesh

Ecosystem is critical for the success of OpenRAN because it makes it possible for operators to deploy an innovative, flexible cloud-based OpenRAN solution. At MWC, Altiostar has…
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Wireless Industry Hears A Clarion Call for Supply Chain Diversity
Image May 17, 2021 blogs Shabbir Bagasrawala

The wireless network has been made exceedingly important by the pandemic and the dependency on the network will grow significantly as the full promise of 5G takes…
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Altiostar is Recognized by Intel as 2021 US Partner of the Year for its 5G Innovation and Commitment to Ecosystem
Image April 27, 2021 blogs Jason King

Building a healthy Open RAN ecosystem is very important to us here at Altiostar, which is why we’re especially proud to be named by Intel as one…
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The Role of Legislative Policy Initiatives in Open RAN
Image March 23, 2021 blogs Thierry Maupile

For innovation to succeed, there’s often been the need for a public-private partnership to provide a seal of approval and build confidence among potential customers. Perhaps the…
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Security for Open RAN
Image March 2, 2021 blogs Nagendra Bykampadi

As service providers implement 5G networks, security in all aspects of the network is critical. Open RAN is now being adopted for 4G and 5G networks and…
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5 Strategies to Make 2021 the Year that Open vRAN is Widely Deployed in Brownfield Networks
Image February 17, 2021 blogs Sridhar Bhaskaran

For all of its societal and pandemic challenges, 2020 will also go down as the year when Open vRAN took off as the foundation for next-generation 4G/5G…
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