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Category: blogs

Altiostar and Mavenir Encourage Open RAN Community Collaboration
Image June 15, 2020 blogs Jason King

The OpenRAN Radio announcement is one of many initiatives that both Altiostar and Mavenir are undertaking to encourage, foster and open the supply chain, working together both…
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Is the US behind in 5G?
Image May 11, 2020 blogs Thierry Maupile

Before the COVID-19 crisis, the Altiostar management team was scheduled to attend an FCC public event on 5G as well as the White House Summit on 5G,…
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A Global Solution for a 5G Cloud-Based Mobile Network
Image March 31, 2020 blogs Shabbir Bagasrawala

As 5G networks are rolling out, the excitement about the transformative nature of 5G is growing along with the potential for unleashing new diverse applications and services….
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Rakuten Network By the Numbers: Launching a New Era of Mobile Networking
Image March 30, 2020 blogs Admin

The official launch of the Rakuten 4G/5G mobile network plans were launched last month as it prepares for its official launch in April. The company has made…
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Excitement Building for vRAN and OpenRAN in 2020
Image January 4, 2020 blogs Admin

We’re into the new year and it has been a great start for Altiostar and open vRANs in general. In many ways, 2019 was a watershed year…
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Quality of Experience = Customer Loyalty
Image November 30, 2019 blogs Admin

There is a massive business transformation going on in the mobile network operator industry. Operators are coming out with innovative marketing ideas to woo customers from one…
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Benefits of RAN Virtualization
Image February 15, 2019 blogs Admin

The benefits from virtualizing the RAN is numerous since it fundamentally changes the way networks are procured, built and operated. Below is the summarized list of obvious…
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