[Webinar] IEEE 5G Virtual Summit

Date/Time: December 14, 2020

This one-day IEEE 5G summit is bringing together leading experts from telecom service providers, cable service providers, mobile service providers, system OEMs, software service providers, silicon vendors, open source projects as well as leading researchers from academia to share their perspectives on opportunities and challenges for Edge Computing in the era of 5G, AI/ML, Open RAN and Hyperscalers.

Sridhar Bhaskaran, Senior Product Manager at Altiostar, will be presenting on the following session:

“Realizing Edge Compute Use Cases with Open and Disaggregated RAN”

9:00 – 9:25 AM ET

  1. Why edge computing matters now with 5G?
  2. Key use cases demanding applications at the edge
  3. 5G system architecture
  4. Enablers for edge applications
  5. Open and disaggregated RAN architecture
  6. How open and disaggregated RAN enables edge applications
  7. Open issues