Leading Lights 2021 Award Highlights Altiostar’s Leadership, Momentum

In an industry-wide competition voted on by analysts and journalists from Light Reading, Altiostar won the Leading Lights Award for Private Company of the Year for 2021!

However, between the time we submitted our entry and before the award was announced, Altiostar was acquired by Rakuten Group. So, even though we won the award, we’re no longer the same private company we were when we entered the competition.

The award ceremony organizers put it in the right context in an article celebrating all the winners: “During this contest period, the RAN software vendor was purchased by one of its customers – and investors – Rakuten. As such, the company goes from being one in a competitive field of open RAN suppliers to the engine helping drive Rakuten’s network-as-a-service aspirations.”

Altiostar is now part of Rakuten Symphony, a new organization that is looking to take the learnings from Rakuten Mobile and offer it as a platform to other operators.

Altiostar ownership has changed, but our mission hasn’t – and neither has our momentum. Altiostar and Rakuten are focused on the Open RAN revolution of mobile networks. Open RAN is a movement that is upending how wireless networks are built. It delivers more performance, more agility, and lower costs for operators worldwide.

Altiostar and Rakuten Mobile have worked together for years and have achieved a series of firsts that have demonstrated the performance and cost advantage of 4G and 5G Open vRAN at scale. This started with the deployment of the first ever Open RAN network in Japan and has continued up to October’s launch of Symware, a next-generation distributed RAN and transport solution that will change how networks will be deployed.

In the past year, we have continued to expand our market leadership and grow our customer base with new trials and deployments across the globe. The new ownership provides the resources for Altiostar to expand its team, its product line, and its market share.

Altiostar won the Private Company of the Year award because of its leadership and market momentum. Now that we’re part of Rakuten Symphony we expect both of those to continue to grow.

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