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Spectrum Re-Farming the LTE Imperative

Introduction Every generation of mobile access technology ultimately brings mobile carriers to a crossroad. At some point, carriers must make a decision to continue to invest in…
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Altiostar vRAN Solution

See how Altiostar is pioneering virtualization of RAN Solutions

Altiostar Overview

Get an overview of Altiostar’s Solution

Altiostar and TIM partner on LTE-Advanced

TIM VP of Engineering and Group Labs Gabriela Styf Sjöman discusses how the operator worked with
Altiostar to roll out LTE-Advanced and prepare for 5G.

Altiostar CEO Highlights RAN Innovation

Altiostar President and CEO Ashraf M. Dahod discusses radio access network innovation by adding
intelligence—processing, storage and higher bandwidth—and virtualizing the radio.

Live Migration with Altiostar vRAN

Watch how using virtualization you can migrate from one baseband hardware server to another without
interruption to the video stream