Open RAN Policy Coalition Webinar – Open RAN Security in 5G

July 13, 2021
1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. ET

Security challenges are a common issue raised when shifting to an Open RAN or disaggregated network environment. While cyber threats continue to pose tremendous risks to carriers, enterprises, and industries, there are new capabilities enabled by 5G that will improve security, and stakeholders need the confidence that 5G networks and services –including those leveraging Open RAN – have carrier or enterprise-grade security.

Join us for a virtual discussion about the role of Open RAN in unlocking the potential of 5G and giving enterprises, industries, and carriers the confidence they need for business transformation.

The event will feature remarks from Mark McLaughlin, Chairman of the Board for Qualcomm Inc. and a member of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.

Following will be a panel discussion with:

  • Roger Entner (moderator), Founder and Lead Analyst, Recon Analytics
  • Dan Beaman, Global Director of 5G, IoT, and Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) Security Solutions, Palo Alto Networks
  • Nagendra Bykampadi, Director, Security Product Management, Altiostar; Co-Chair, Security Focus Group, O-RAN Alliance
  • Bob Everson, Senior Director, 5G Architecture, Cisco Systems
  • Amy Zwarico, Director – Cybersecurity, AT&T Chief Security Office

Speakers will address key questions including:

  • What are the various security benefits of 5G in comparison to previous generation networks?
  • How does Open RAN allow operators to build upon the capabilities enabled by 5G to shift the security capabilities closer to the edge of the network and stop attacks closer to the source?
  • How can operators integrate best-in-class security platforms with open interfaces using modern, industry-standard security protocols?
  • What is the role of Open RAN in speeding the complete automation of network management to eliminate the security risks inherent in human access to network functions?
  • How can policymakers work together with private sector and government collaborators to enable a secure digital transformation to 5G?