Open vRAN bridges small cells to macro cell-based 4G/5G networks

Numerous studies suggest that the bulk of Internet data consumption — up to 80% — takes place indoors. While Wi-Fi serves this demand for laptops, mobile devices in the workplace increasingly make indoor cell coverage important. Networks must adapt to this change, particularly as people head back to their offices.

Mobile network operators face the challenge of using small cell base stations including micro cells, metro cells, small cells, and distributed antenna systems (DASs) that offer connectivity but have historically not been highly interoperable with the radio access network (RAN) of the cellular macro cell-based network. Open virtualized Radio Access Network (Open vRAN) software addresses this issue by separating the non-real-time functions from real-time functions. Standardized by the O-RAN Alliance, Open vRAN software lets networks adapt to changing traffic conditions.

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Anil Bhandari
Anil Bhandari Vice President of Product Management