OpenRAN: A surrogate for 5G dominance

March 24, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT

In advance of the Layer123 Europe Congress, we are bringing together leading practitioners championing TIP’s Open RAN initiative and those united within the O-RAN Alliance to bring you an exciting one day webinar exploring the technicalities of Open RAN and the business case for its use.

In the current economic downturn, an affordable and customisable 5G alternative is not only desirable but integral to the long-term aspirations not just in developing countries but also in many parts of North America and Europe.

Altiostar Vice President of Product Management Anil Bhandari will be joining this 3 hour webinar, which will consist of insights from leading operators, hyperscalers, standards bodies and RAN vendors within 4-5 short 20 minute presentations, a super panel consisting of the operators, vendors and cloud providers and culminating in an end of day round table/Q&A discussion allowing delegates to join in on the discussion.