OpenRAN Outdoor Macro Success Leads to Listing on TIP Exchange

Altiostar, now a Rakuten Symphony Company, has been a longtime supporter of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), whose mission is to nurture a community of mobile network operators (MNOs) and technology companies to help build the networks of the future.

One of the ways Altiostar has been involved is by participating in the OpenRAN Outdoor Macro Project Group, specifically working with leading MNOs and other technology providers to confirm compliance of our software to the published outdoor macrocell requirements. We are in good company in this project group working with Tier 1 MNOs from across the globe as well as technology providers spanning radio, RAN software and hardware.

The successful work with the macrocell group has led to the recent addition of Altiostar to the TIP Exchange. Altiostar is listed as a provider of solutions that work in rural, suburban, urban and ultra-urban geographical applications.

Rakuten Symphony also recently provided guidance on our roadmaps in response to the TIP OpenRAN Draft Release 2.0 Detailed Technical Req Document that will be utilized as the baseline set of requirements for OpenRAN project group participants to begin reviewing and provide feedback to inform upcoming releases in the OpenRAN Project group.  

TIP Exchange is a great resource for MNOs that want to know what their options are for building an OpenRAN solution that meets industry interoperability requirements.  According to TIP: “TIP Exchange distills TIP-qualified offerings so that TIP participants can showcase their products and solutions, and service providers can easily evaluate technology and technology partnerships for flexible and innovative connectivity solutions.”

We believe that ecosystem is one of the critical benefits of OpenRAN, leading to better innovation and more cost-effective solutions. Our participation in TIP is one part of our work to encourage and grow the OpenRAN ecosystem and we’re looking forward to expanding our TIP use cases. Our listing on the TIP Exchange can be found here. More information about our work with the macrocell team can be found here.

About The Author
Javed Khan Director, 5G RAN Product Management, Altiostar Javed Khan leads Private Enterprise Networks and Radio Product Management at Altiostar, a Rakuten Symphony Company. He has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry with expertise in systems engineering and product management of CDMA, LTE and 5G networks. Prior to joining Altiostar in 2020, he worked for Nokia’s Mobile Networks division since 2011 in LTE RAN Systems Engineering and 5G RAN Product Management. Javed also worked for Motorola for over 17 years in software development and Systems Engineering roles spanning many products and technologies including Iridium, CDMA and LTE RANs.