With Altiostar’s Open vRAN software solution and the ability to leverage a diverse OpenRAN ecosystem for hardware solutions, we bring a full portfolio and a wide variety of products that can be used to deploy a complete end-to-end mobile network.

New RAN architectures are required that promote innovation through openness, programmability, and automation. Altiostar has developed an open software platform with open interfaces that has been implemented to be executed on COTS hardware platforms.
Altiostar’s Open vRAN software is optimized to run efficiently on industry standard CoTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) hardware platforms. These interface solutions allow the operator flexibility in terms of selecting a radio vendor versus a baseband vendor, thereby allowing a truly diverse multi-vendor solution for an operator.
Altiostar with its open vRAN model can work with operators to provide a full product portfolio of radio products that span macro cells, small cells and massive MIMO solutions across multiple frequency bands and configurations, all managed by a common software fabric – the Altiostar Open vRAN software solution.