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Altiostar’s RAN software is optimized to run efficiently on industry standard CoTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) hardware platforms. To meet the unique and harsh demands of extreme edge deployments, even on masts at cellular sites, industrial mines, or highway tunnels, Altiostar has partnered with server manufacturers to support RAN applications running on new Mobile Edge servers leveraging the latest general purpose processors.This allows interoperability of vendors, reuse of hardware and allows the operator to follow the technology and processing curve prevalent in the server hardware industry.

These servers feature short depth, side to side cooling, all front access connections, optimized form factor, robustness and redundancy to allow for a carrier grade CoTS option deployed in a cell site deployment.

Altiostar’s cell site optimized solutions support a flexible range of carrier configuration requirements, LTE bandwidths, and MIMO (multiple input multiple output) capabilities running on flexible server options, scaling from a single CPU to multiple CPU for different processing needs. Altiostar software fully realizes the capabilities of the underlying hardware resources, matching custom ASIC based performance on industry standard commodity hardware platforms.

Network timing and synchronizationfunctions provides synchronization sources for the4G/5G network through timing circuitry and holdover capable oscillators. The timing synchronization needed for 4G and 5G networks can be achieved using GPS in the case of outdoor scenarios or using 1588v2 in the case of indoor scenarios. The radio interface to the cellsite baseband can be using open standard CPRI or eCPRI base d interfaces. To support a wide variety of radio vendors, Altiostar has designed innovative solutions that serve as the radio interface function to COTS hardware.

These interface solutions allow the operator flexibility in terms of selecting a radio vendor versus a baseband vendor, thereby allowing a truly diverse multi-vendor solution for an operator.

Cell site solutions allow operators also to use the same cellsite solutions for deploying edge computing applications and network slicing. In the case of mobile edge computing (MEC) operators can support edge caching and low latency applications. Network slicing allows the operator to dynamically adapt as to whether certain network functions should be deployed at the edge or at the central location.

From a software perspective, the scalability of the cellsite solution allows for the operator to scale up rather than rip-and-replace their existing hardware. This allows the operators to deploy additional frequency layers, deploy an underlay of small cells in an existing network or deploy multi-RAT scenarios without needing to remove the existing hardware at the site.

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