Mobile Operators can unlock the full potential of their network resources through virtualization of Altiostar’s baseband solution, located in a strategic number of points of presence (PoP) or aggregation data centers serving clusters of cell sites.

Altiostar has partnered with major Commercially-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) server manufacturers to optimize data center type, fully virtualized baseband solutions using bleeding-edge Intel processors and FPGA technologies.This solution is built to be on-boarded on carrier grade Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platforms which is one of the key enablers to build the network of the future. This leads to disaggregation of the hardware and software, thereby transforming the notion of operators requiring proprietary hardware solutions while also providing a more flexible, agile and cost-effective deployment strategy.

Virtualized solution offerings, running at centralized data centers, leverage a high degree of statistical multiplexing and baseband pooling gains to offer a scalable range of carrier configuration requirements, LTE bandwidths, and MIMO (multiple input multiple output) capabilities.

The establishment of an open Architecture that leverages virtualization is key to building software-centric networks that can scale and adapt to meet an explosion of devices and applications.

The open architecture of the baseband allows for various types of transport and connectivity to radios. Typically RAN deployments that were centralized were limited by the need for costly dark fiber or very stringent latency requirements. Altiostar has developed a patented approach which can tolerate a variety of transport configurations. Furthermore, the Altiostar architecture allows system aggregation and the support for thousands of eNodeB’s sharing and pooling baseband resources.As a result large scale deployments can be achieved across wider geographies at a significantly lower cost. This gives operators to deploy Altiostar as a common software fabric across a wide variety of deployment scenarios including Macro, Micro, indoor, outdoor, Hetnet and Massive MIMO 5G solutions.

Furthermore, virtualizing the baseband can ensure enhanced network availability and reliability using carrier grade NFV platforms. Scalability combined with operational efficiency can help the operator manage and grow their network with elasticity and flexibility. Managing services and network functions across the RAN technologies is now managed or orchestrated through software functions and automation.

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