Software Platform

Mobile operators need to be able to add intelligence, quickly adapt the software for different services and automate to rapidly scale the network with most efficient utilization of the hardware. Altiostar is providing 5G-ready open virtualized RAN (Open vRAN) software that supports open interfaces and disaggregates the hardware from the software to build a multi-vendor webscale network.

The Altiostar common software platform spans technologies that include LTE-Advanced, Gigabit LTE, Massive MIMO, Internet of Things, Hetnet, 5G NR, NFV, Orchestration, C-RAN, Coordinated multi-point and others. Using this platform the operator has flexibility, performance and scale at significant TCO savings to deploy an assortment of different networks at scale.
With wireless networks getting more complex with the addition of more frequency layers and types of radio configurations overlaid with new scenarios and new use cases, operators need to evolve the way they manage their networks.