Radio Access Software

As the revenues from voice and Internet data services are plateauing, operators are looking for new market opportunities such as IOT, eMBB, UrLLC, Immersive reality, etc. to drive the next phase of revenue growth.

In near future wireless networks will have billions of connected devices generating massive amounts of signaling traffic, extremely diverse types of applications and corresponding network requirements.

A monolithic vendor approach will result in a staggered deployment scenario where operators will need to closely follow the vendor roadmap.

New RAN architectures are required that promote innovation through openness, programmability, and automation.

Altiostar has developed an open software platform with open interfaces that has been implemented to be executed on COTS hardware platforms.

The Altiostar Open vRAN common software platform spans technologies that include LTE-Advanced, Gigabit LTE, Massive MIMO, Internet of Things, Hetnet, 5G NR, NFV, Orchestration, C-RAN, Coordinated multipoint and others. Using this platform the operator is provided flexibility, performance and scale at significant TCO savings to deploy all kinds of different scale networks.

The Open vRAN solution is a step towards realization of a true 5G vision. Software programmability of bearers as per use case is required to create 5G network slices. Moreover requirements such as ultra low latency data path can be achieved with intelligent offload of selected bearers right at the radio head. These are possible with Open vRAN, today. Internet of Things and the use cases of various IoT verticals will require massive scalability in the control plane. This requirement alone will necessitate use of web scale hardware and software platforms for the RAN which is what Open vRAN provides.

Key aspects of the Altiostar Open vRAN software solution :

  • Software fabric that spans both LTE and 5G technology
  • RAN architecture evolution aided by NFV technology whereby baseband functions are decoupled from underlying hardware and deployed on carrier-grade NFV infrastructure
  • Software programmability and network automation
  • Reduced time to market as new services can be quickly realized in the SW without the need for hardware changes
  • Open interfaces to foster development of robust hardware and software ecosystem
  • Advanced algorithms for inter-site co-ordination over packet transport
  • Support for 3GPP higher layer split of the protocol stack and multiple options for the lower layer split
  • Control Plane and Data plane separation
  • API to support edge based applications and automation of the network
  • Support for both 4G and 5G

Read more about the Altiostar Open vRAN software in our solution brief.