[Solution Brief] Altiostar Open vRAN Solution Enables 5G Broadband for Rural Operators

Rural mobile network operators can leverage Altiostar’s Open vRAN software with servers using Intel® Xeon® Processors to cost-effectively and flexibly upgrade wireless networks to close digital divide.

In today’s society, people are increasingly working and learning remotely. This presents a number of challenges for mobile network operators (MNOs) globally, particularly for those in rural populations. In some rural communities, internet speeds in the home are too slow or too unreliable to support the higher connectivity needs of work from home and distance learning operations running simultaneously. In other rural communities, there may not be a broadband connection in the home at all.

To support these new working and learning environments, MNOs need to boost connectivity speeds in some homes. And in some cases, operators are challenged with provisioning low-cost or no-cost connectivity for the first time in some homes. If that is not possible, MNOs are establishing Wi-Fi hotspots to clusters of homes or in parking lots. All of this stretches rural wireless networks significantly and calls for a new architecture to address these issues.