Running Altiostar vRAN on VMware Solution Brief

VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN™ is powered by field-proven virtualized compute coupled with VMware Telco Cloud Automation™ and VMware Tanzu Basic for RAN, a telco-grade Kubernetes distribution.

Altiostar’s Open vRAN solution runs on VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN to solve the lingering problems of traditional RAN deployments and disaggregate the RAN into a flexible, high-performance stack with open

Altiostar’s Open vRAN is integrated and tested with VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN to form a combined
solution that lets you establish the next frontier of virtualization at the RAN.


• Meet the requirements of LTE and 5G RAN functions
• Eliminate the rigid architecture and silos of traditional RAN deployments
• Accelerate the deployment of innovative services and applications
• Pave a path to a fully open RAN
• Convert traditional cell sites from cost assets to revenue-generating assets
• Deploy Altiostar’s Open RAN network functions according to a co-validated
reference architecture
• Use multi-layer automation and orchestration from network function lifecycle management to infrastructure