[Solution Brief] RAN Transformation with Open Interfaces and Disaggregation

To address industry trends, Altiostar has developed Open virtualized RAN (Open vRAN), an open software platform with open interfaces that can be executed on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware platforms.

The Altiostar common software platform supports technologies that include 5G NR, LTE Advanced, Massive MIMO, Internet of Things (IoT), Coordinated multipoint, Heterogeneous Network (Hetnet), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Orchestration, and others. Using this platform, the mobile operator is provided flexibility, performance, and scalability at significant TCO savings to deploy a variety of different networks.

The Altiostar Open vRAN solution is a step towards realization of a true 5G vision. Software programmability of bearers as per use case is required to create 5G network slices. Moreover, requirements such as ultra-low latency data path can be achieved with intelligent offload of selected bearers right near the radio head. These are made possible with Open vRAN today.  Read more about the Altiostar Open vRAN software in our solution brief.