Altiostar has focused on delivering a fundamentally new approach to today’s mobile networks.Through our commitment to innovation we are providing customers with a new approach capable of opening up the network to an ecosystem of best-of-breed solutions capable of driving new levels of efficiency and profitability.


To be successful wireless operators must embrace new innovative solutions that possess the openness, programmability and automation required to support 5G. With Altiostar’s vRAN solution, operators can achieve this while leveraging the same open and common software fabric to ensure interoperability, dual connectivity, scalability, and adaptability between 4G and 5G environments. Learn more

Network Intelligence

Altiostar with its open RAN model can work with operators to provide a full product portfolio of radio products that span macro cells, small cells and massive MIMO solutions across multiple frequency bands and configurations, all managed by a common software fabric i.e. the Altiostar vRAN software solution. Learn more