Common Software Platform

Common Software Platform

Altiostar’s Open vRAN solution uses a flexible architecture with a common virtualized software solution running on Commercially-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) server hardware supporting a large number of Macro, Micro and Pico Remote Radio Head units. Hence the advantages of an “elastic-RAN” are not restricted to a limited set of venues and can be implemented across a very large geography such as a major city.

Flexible transport solutions

Altiostar’s Ethernet fronthaul provides operators flexibility in terms of deployment options for the fronthaul for small cell deployments. Examples of this include commercial metro fiber ring, point-to-point microwave, Non-LoS wireless systems etc. This is important especially in the case of small cells where last mile transport may be difficult for in-building environments. Altiostar has showcased its Open vRAN baseband solution with radios that are many hundreds of kilometers apart.

Network Optimization

Using SON optimization algorithms, Altiostar’s Open vRAN solution can ensure that the load is balanced across cells and traffic is steered across macro and micro sites. We allow the operators to dimension their system resources based on the actual network capacity and avoid over-provisioning for instances of high demand. In Altiostar’s solution, the operator dimensions both the hardware and resources based on their actual subscriber volume in a market through the pooling of resources at the central location, and then fluidly allocates resources to the coverage areas based on instantaneous demands –providing optimum resource utilization.

Advanced Algorithms for HetNet

In Altiostar’s Open vRAN solution the small cell in conjunction with the Macro cell can be used to deploy many advanced coordinated features like eICIC, UL and DL CoMP, eMBMS, inter-frequency CA and SON features. To implement some of these features, coordination at the software baseband layer becomes critical in achieving the gains of some of these algorithms. Altiostar has patented algorithms, which allow operators to realize the gains even in relaxed transport configurations for Hetnet environments. These gains are not only intra-site but also work in inter-site configurations, i.e. where the sites are geographically non-colocated as in HetNet environments.

Scalability of the network

With the increasing demand for capacity, there will be an explosion of small cells. The control plane for such scalability becomes a challenge. Altiostar’s Open vRAN solution enables operators to aggregate millions of small cells without needing individual connections to the core network. Handovers and mobility become easier with software based X2 connections. Finally, having both the Macro and small cells under the same Element Management System (EMS) provides a huge benefit to the operator from many different perspectives, such as configuration , alarms and fault management, integrated KPIs and statistics, and software life-cycle management.

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