Third O-RAN ALLIANCE Global PlugFest Successfully Tests Standalone 5G Solutions

2022 may be the year that 5G mobile network operators move to a standalone infrastructure and the OpenRAN ecosystem is ready to support this evolution. That’s the result of the 3rd Global O-RAN Alliance PlugFest hosted at seven sites across the globe with participation from 94 O-RAN ecosystem companies.

Altiostar, a Rakuten Symphony company, participated in two events:
• The Korea PlugFest hosted at the labs of LG Uplus. Altiostar participated in architecture and functional evaluations of cloud-native vRAN architecture based on its cloudified 5G SA O-DU/O-DU. Other tests focused on open fronthaul evaluation. Other participating ecosystem members include NEC, Intel, Dasan Networks, and Keysight.
• The company also participated in one of the events hosted in Japan by Rakuten Mobile. In that test the company set up a mobile fronthaul demonstration with NEC and Altiostar and successfully verified the M-plane and the CUS-plane. Other tests included RF conformance and an rApp “outage impact compensation” test. Other ecosystem partners at this site included Keysight, VIAVI Solutions and HCL.

The goal of the testing was to demonstrate “the growing maturity of the O-RAN ecosystem,” especially related to 5G standalone mode systems as part of the LG Uplus site. The O-RAN Alliance will also present the findings of the O-RAN device compatibility testing to its members as part of a PlugFest Virtual Showcase on the O-RAN website.

Ecosystem in Action

O-RAN Alliance PlugFests are important because they advance O-RAN-based solutions and show the ecosystem in action. By coming together annually, the PlugFests reflect the Alliance’s commitment to open and interoperable solutions and the goal of working with MNOs to roll out cost-effective multi-operator, multi-vendor mobile networks with performance and standardized interfaces that are mandatory for success.

Altiostar has participated in all three PlugFests to date. In 2019, the goal of the PlugFest was to demonstrate functionality and to show the multi-vendor interoperability of the initial interface specifications (O1, A1 and Open Fronthaul interface). More than 35 companies and operator-members demonstrated 10 scenarios to verify and validate O-RAN specifications.

The second O-RAN Alliance PlugFest, held in 2020, demonstrated both the capability of O-RAN-based network equipment as well as multi-vendor interoperability. In total, 55 companies gathered in four labs across the globe to address the O-RAN ecosystem’s functional, interoperability, and performance concerns. Test scenarios demonstrated that O-RAN implementations were ready for commercial deployment over massive MIMO.

Thanks again to all of our fellow ecosystem partners for the success of this PlugFest.

About The Author
Jason King Director of Marketing