U.S. Still Leads World in 5G Innovation, Panelists Say

Date: Jul 11, 2019 | 9:26 am

Despite a lot of press in recent months about threats that China-based communications equipment maker Huawei may pose to the developing global 5G communications ecosystem because of the company’s close ties to the Chinese government, the U.S. is continuing to lead the world in 5G technology innovation, panelists at a Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) event said on July 10.

Panelists discussed both 5G technologies and nascent 5G service offerings, and particularly the need to employ software-defined networking (SDN) technologies as part of the infrastructure behind 5G services. They did not discount the impact of Huawei’s aim to become a worldwide 5G network leader, but also said that’s not likely to pose a fatal problem as long as there are enough alternative suppliers of network infrastructure.

“We are misleading a lot of people that the U.S. is behind” in 5G tech innovation, said Thierry Maupile, executive vice president at Altiostar Networks. That innovation is happening “in the U.S.,” he said, adding, “the missing link in the U.S. supply chain is how do you create the end-to-end solution.”
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