Ubicquia and Altiostar Partner on Open Virtualized Ran Small Cell Solutions

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Ubicquia®, the global leader in simply smart, simply connected network and IoT platforms for smart cities, and Altiostar, the pioneer in open virtualized RAN (Open vRAN) technology, today announced they are partnering to develop the industry’s first vRAN-based streetlight-powered small cell. Ubicquia will showcase the vRAN integration this week in its booth – Hall 2, Stand 2i10 – at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Virtualized radio access network (vRAN) technology is the key to creating flexible, adaptable networks that help mobile carriers prepare for an unpredictable future. The rapid growth in mobile traffic volume and its increasingly dynamic nature, together with the many new types of user devices and applications, makes it difficult to predict demand. However, vRANs deliver significantly improved service (all the way out to 5G) with a direct connection to the network core. In addition, virtualized capabilities require reduced equipment outlay and lower operating expense, helping to optimize mobile operators’ investment.

As mobile traffic increases with the growing use of smart devices, network operators must increase coverage and capacity of their networks. Ubicquia’s Ubimetro™ small cell integrated with Altiostar’s vRAN technology creates a dynamic yet cost-sensitive solution that both boosts outdoor coverage and adds capacity, resulting in a greatly enhanced user experience. Ubimetro units can be used with any type of streetlight for ultrafast plug-in deployments that are rendered invisible on top of, underneath or even integrated into the streetlight fixture, allowing the existing light pole to remain in place.

“This innovative architecture can be easily and cost-effectively scaled and supports plug-and-play expanded network coverage,” said Shabbir Bagasrawala, head of product go-to-market for Altiostar. “The solution offers dynamic management of resources for outdoor cellular coverage, while being easily upgradeable to support 5G down the road.”

“Operators are facing a capacity challenge that will only increase with more people using high-bandwidth services and the number of IoT applications growing rapidly,” observed Tre Zimmerman, Ubicquia co-founder and chief technology officer. “Virtualizing the RAN offers the ideal solution to this problem, maximizing spectrum efficiency and end-user experience, while vastly reducing running costs. Integrating vRAN capabilities is an exciting step forward on the road to 5G, delivering both flexibility and a means of future-proofing their networks to operators and enterprises.”

At Mobile World Congress, Ubicquia will also participate in the GSMA Sustainable Smart Cities Tour of the show floor. The participants various ways in which the mobile industry is helping smart cities make progress Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. For times and to register, visit https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/session/sustainable-smart-cities-tour/

About Altiostar
Altiostar provides a 5G-ready virtualized RAN software solution that supports open interfaces and disaggregates the hardware from the software to build an open multi-vendor web-scale network. This solution supports macro and small cells, indoor and outdoor, enabling interference management, carrier aggregation and dual reception to improve the efficiency of the network and enhances the Quality of Experience for the user while providing broadband speeds. Operators can add intelligence, quickly adapt the software for different services and automate operations to rapidly scale the network. For more information visit http://www.altiostar.com or follow on Twitter @altiostar.

About Ubicquia
Ubicquia offers municipalities, utilities and mobile operators a cost-effective and expandable platform for deploying smart city, broadband and small cell services. The company’s Ubicell, Ubihub™ and Ubimetro™ product lines are NEMA socket-compliant and compatible with more than 360 million streetlights globally. Ubicquia is actively involved in organizations such as 20-20 Cities, GSMA and the LoRa Alliance to help drive efforts to make global smart connectivity a reality. To learn more about how Ubicquia can make your city simply connected and simply smart, visit www.ubicquia.com or follow us on Twitter @ubicquia.

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