[Whitepaper] – Altiostar* Delivers Virtual RAN Solution for MNOs

vRAN solution from Altiostar is based on Open RAN model and includes radio access software that leverages Intel® solutions for baseband units.

The ChallengeThe move from 4G to 5G networks is a discontinuity in the business models of mobile network operators (MNOs), who are seeing large numbers of new devices on their networks and significant increases in demand for data services along with throughput.

MNOs are responding by looking to lower network costs and improve network agility by moving from closed appliance-based network systems to open network systems that decouple hardware and software. A key driver for this transformation is virtualization. The radio access network (RAN) is one of the most challenging parts of the network to virtualize, with a need for very low latency and extensive, real-time packet processing requirements. But it also offers significant benefits in terms of reducing costs by pooling baseband processing capabilities in the cloud, eliminating overcapacity. The Open RAN Alliance* was founded by MNOs with a goal to develop fully programmable RAN solutions based on general purpose processing (GPP) platforms and disaggregated software.

Leveraging Open RAN, Intel® Network Builders ecosystem partner Altiostar* has launched its own virtualized RAN (vRAN) solution.

Altiostar Virtual RAN Solution

Altiostar’s Open RAN-based virtual RAN (vRAN) solution includes its radio access software platform that works in conjunction with virtualized baseband solutions for deploying radio products that include macrocells and small cells. The solution gives MNOs a fully virtualized RAN solution that is managed by a common software fabric. Figure 1 shows a block diagram of the Altiostar vRAN functions. The value of this software-based OpenRAN implementation is that it can be easily deployed at different locations in the network, allowing CommSPs to build out capacity based on factors such as transport infrastructure, population density, available RAN technology, and others.

Radio Access Software

The Altiostar Radio Access Software is the foundation of the entire Altiostar vRAN solution and is used by MNOs to deploy a wide range of wireless services based on technologies that include LTE-Advanced, Gigabit LTE, Massive MIMO, internet of things (IoT), heterogeneous network (HetNet), 5G NR, network functions virtualization (NFV), orchestration, C-RAN, coordinated multipoint, and others.

The Radio Access Software creates a management fabric that encompasses all the vRAN elements in LTE/4G and 5G networks. The virtualized architecture of the software decouples the vRAN functions from hardware, enabling the use of off-the-shelf servers powered by Intel® Xeon® processors instead of dedicated appliances with application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

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