Open vRAN is the Perfect Fit for this 4G &5G Investment Cycle – White Paper

This LightCounting white paper created in conjunction with Altiostar explores the value of Open vRAN for the current 4G and 5G investment cycle and discusses the progress made to date with current deployments and what’s in store for the industry.

There is no shortage of evidence to prove that running BBU functions on software as VNFs with open interfaces creates a programmable Open vRAN platform that enables a great degree of agility, flexibility, scalability, reliability, and automation. Backed by fresh Rakuten Mobile operational data for 4G and 5G networks, we see that all of this leads to lower Capex and Opex, which is excellent news in this era of stagnant or low-single digit revenue growth.

And seeing Airtel and Telefónica jumping on the Open vRAN bandwagon, among other leading CSPs, provides a strong rationale to believe that Open vRAN meets the operational cost and the network performance expectations required of Brownfield deployments.

What are those CSPs who are either expanding their 4G networks, building a 5G network, facing a rip and replace or considering a 2G/3G sunset situation waiting for?