Wireless Industry Hears A Clarion Call for Supply Chain Diversity

The wireless network has been made exceedingly important by the pandemic and the dependency on the network will grow significantly as the full promise of 5G takes hold. That’s why it’s time to re-examine the supply chain for radio access networks (RAN) which is dominated by only three legacy vendors (and, in many locales that ban the use of Huawei equipment, only two vendors).

In an industry where competition is important, having only two legacy RAN choices is a vulnerability that often leads to significantly higher costs for the operators who have no negotiating leverage.

The Open Alternative

As I wrote in an expert opinion article in Broadband Breakfast, initiatives such as the O-RAN Alliance and the Open RAN Policy Coalition were formed by mobile services providers and vendors to push for new standards and policies, promoting a new supply chain through Open RAN.

My Broadband Breakfast article concluded with an eight-point call for action to help better establish this new ecosystem because a lack of vendor diversity weakens the overall wireless network through less innovation, higher costs and the potential for single-vendor vulnerability.

Read the complete article here: https://broadbandbreakfast.com/2021/04/shabbir-bagasrawala-a-clarion-call-for-supply-chain-diversity-in-our-telecom-networks/

About The Author
Shabbir Bagasrawala Head of GTM, Altiostar